Kansas City Help

Cheap Food

For people who are on food stamps and having a hard time, there are places where you can buy cheap food. Below are two suggestions: Angel Food Ministries and Share Colorado. They are nationwide and they are often distributed through churches and community centers.

Angel Food Ministries

Angel Food Ministries has lots of distribution locations that you can buy them from in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. They aren't free but they are deeply discounted food items and yes, they do accept food stamps.

Ordering Angel Food

You have to order Angel Food by the middle of the month, and pay in advance, but you basically get about $80 worth of food for $30. They have different packages to choose from and different bonus items. You can buy more than one box. You can even order some Angel Food for others as gifts and they can pick the food up themselves. If you have ordered some Angel Food, you pick it up at the end of the month and you have to be there when they say or your food could be donated to charity.

How cost effective is Angel Food?

We did a quick price comparison and the food package we are getting this month for $30 is basically a weeks worth of food but if we were to go and try to buy the food, there is no way we could get it for $30. You can also buy multiple packages and save more money.

Share Colorado

There is also a similar site to Angel Food Ministries called Share Colorado which is sponsored by the Catholic Outreach. You preorder your food the same as Angel Food Ministries.