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Help in Missouri

The state of Missouri has a large number of organizations that offer assistance to Missouri residents. Missouri has high rate of people needing food, shelter and other types of assistance. The unemployment rate of Missouri is also usually above that of Kansas. Therefore, if you live in Missouri, then you will find that there are many places that offer help for Missourians.

If you live in Kansas but want to get help in Missouri, there are many organizations in Missouri that do not discriminate and will help anyone needing help no matter where they live. This is very handy especially if you live in Kansas but work in Kansas City or in another city in Missouri, then you can get help during lunch hours.

In Missouri, we focus our listings of places and organizations that offer help in the Kansas City Metro area. Please browse by area below based on your location. You can always call 2-1-1 if you do not know where to go for help in your local area. If you have suggestions of other help places, please suggest to us. Thank you.

Help by Area

Below is a list of cities in Missouri that anyone living in Kansas City might want to get help from. People living in the following areas often commute to Kansas City to work or vice versa.

Independence MO

Kansas City MO

Lee's Summit MO

Platte City MO

Raytown MO

Weatherby Lake MO 


Help by County

Missourians living in the following counties often commute to Kansas City to work or vice versa.

Clay County MO

Jackson County MO

Platte County MO


Specific Assistance Programs & Organizations

United Services

Energy Assistance

If you know of any more organizations that offer help to Missouri residents, please let us know. It is important that we keep our database as updated as possible so that people needing help know where to go and get help as pain-free as possible.