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  • There are some food pantries in Belton MO. Please check their rules and opening times. Some of them only serve residents of Belton.

  • For people who are on food stamps and having a hard time, there are places where you can buy cheap food. Below are two suggestions: Angel Food Ministries and Share Colorado. They are nationwide and they are often distributed through churches and community centers.

  • For people who have fallen into hard times, Christmas is a tough time of year. The good news is that there are many organizations in the Kansas City Metro area that are dedicated to helping struggling parents and giving children Christmas gifts. You can often find Christmas stores at churches and other nonprofit organizations. You can also apply for Adopt a Family programs.

  • There are many organizations that offer specifically Christmas help in Kansas City MO. Below is a list of many organizations with adopt a family programs or adopt a child programs.

  • If you need help with Christmas, the Olathe Salvation Army is accepting applications for their Adopt a Family for Christmas program during their food panty hours for Christmas help for children and seniors.

  • If you live in Shawnee KS and you need holiday assistance, then there is an organization that is located in Shawnee KS that may be able to help you. If they cannot, there are many other organizations that will help you because you are a Johnson County resident.

  • If you live in Clay County, MO, below are some local resources and list of organizations that offer assistance to residents that might benefit you.

  • If you have questions or resources to share with others in the Kansas City area, please use the form below to share your thoughts and information. We appreciate you taking time to visit our website and sharing your opinions and any information on help out there in this area.

  • Cross-Lines has helped many families in the Kansas City KS area. They have a food kitchen and a thrift store. You can go quite often for the food and clothing. They also help with school supplies.

  • There are lots of organizations with resources to help people in the De Soto KS area. Please browse below to see if there is an organization here that can help you. Give them a call and see if they have the funding to help you right now. Don't give up contacting them. If you know of other places in the De Soto KS area that will help people in need, please share with us here.